My girls detach the heads from their Barbie dolls. Laugh, watching Barbie’s smiling face roll across the plush carpet my wife insisted upon six weeks before she filed for divorce.

Carpet didn’t save the marriage?

Left me with the kids, the dog and the carpet for a man who sits himself before a mirror every chance he gets, just for the opportunity of admiring himself.

A handsome fellow?

God, no.

But your wife?

Ex-wife. Married him for his money. Truth is the man’s broke.

Shame, ain’t it?

Damn shame. I poured cream in my coffee, stirred it with my knife and laughed.


This was written for the 100 Word Challenge at Thin Spiral Notebook.

2 thoughts on “Palindrome

  1. I do want to know the story behind this couple – and like the narrator says, a damn shame indeed. I wonder what the ex-wife will think when she finds out…

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