11 thoughts on “Funeral

  1. What Kymm said. πŸ™‚ This is gorgeous, and sad, and all true, of course. I hope that some of those promises weather time, though. I am seriously glad to have stumbled on you here. You’ve got some of the most consistently excellent writing I’ve seen across various sites. I’m glad you were able to stop by here one last time.

  2. Oh Kelly,you took my breath away with”amid tin promises”-painful but near er truth than most of us would care to admit -sigh!A wonderfully worded tribute and I am very glad that Trifecta allowed us to meet and I hope that we will keep meeting in this virtual word-am following you by email,tc and all the best:-)

  3. Perfectly executed, Kelly. Your writing has the power to make people stop and think; it grabs them by the throat (in a good way), shakes them, wakes them. Thanks for all your contributions and this final, brilliant write.

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