Crow’s feet clutched the thin branch of the elm. The wizened bird gazed into the darkness below. “Murdrum,” he whispered, opening his wings. He released the branch, which bounced thrice before becoming still.


This was written for this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge in which we were to use a palindrome. Sadly, Trifecta will be closing at the end of March.



78 thoughts on “Murdrum

  1. What a clever and eloquent way to pay your respects. Beautiful writing, as is the norm for you. When I speak of going to school at Trifecta, one of the teachers I am referring to is you. I could read your work, every day, all day, and still find apsects of it to learn from and aspire to. Having access to consistently excellent writers and writing was such a joyous perk of belonging to this community. I am glad that this post will, probably, not be the last of your writing that I will have the pleasure to enjoy. Thanks to FB and Twitter, the next phase of our connection is at hand. Thanks for everything so far. It has been my pleasure. :)

  2. “…which bounced thrice…” Perfect. Totally perfect – the whole piece. Lovely, lyrical, and tinged with sadness, it just blew me away. You are one of the most consistently excellent writers I’ve come across via Trifecta. I’m so glad to have discovered you. :)

  3. I was reading this piece last night on my bed. The words…murdrum – as I understand it, a clandestine murder? – kept repeating in my head. It went so far as to see your Crow in a very strange dream involving a kitten with burnt and mottled skin. So, I’m saying the piece took time to chew on. That is why I respect you. I’ll miss a great competitor. “Which bounced thrice” – elite level detail.

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