I worm warm words from your waffling mouth. I’m wily that way.

Truth wafts in on burnt coffee. You waiver with the cream.

I watch you on your way, sipping bitterness, wanting sweet.


Trifecta  is going to a 33-word prompt for each challenge. This week: worm.


11 thoughts on “Worm

  1. That first line had me on the floor!
    Sitting in some IHOP, waiting for a waitperson to whip up some waffles. lol
    Then it gets all real and pitiful. Life itself, Kelly!

  2. …sipping bitterness, wanting sweet…

    Oh, but this is gorgeous. Kelly, you always raise the bar so high! Wow, I loved this, with a capital W;)

  3. oh you just never disappoint me with words.
    Just wow: another morning (mourning?) routine beautifully depicted with phrases.
    “wanting sweet” , I wish I had written that.

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