Invisible Line

Your wounded eyes inform me that by speaking truths untold, I have crossed that invisible line that separates me from you. I step back to reunite us; betray myself to renew your smile: “That wasn’t what I meant.”


This was written for this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge in which we were to write a 38-word story ending with the line, “That wasn’t what I meant.”


24 thoughts on “Invisible Line

  1. oh how many times I’ve done that…”Betray myself to renew a smile” that line was achingly beautiful.

    really loved this.

  2. They say the truth sometimes hurt, even if we have the best intentions. I think this is a very meaningful story that makes one think about friendships and how far we are willing to go to keep them.

  3. You packed a powerful punch in a short 33.
    “betray myself to renew your smile” made me consider times I had, made me smile past an inner tear, because there came a time, when I no longer could.

    To invoke emotion in your readers is powerful Kelly. When that first novel careens the cyber corners I want a signed copy. 🙂

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  5. Kelly, I first read this yesterday when I didn’t have time to comment, but it’s stayed with me. It takes guts to speak those “truths untold” for this very reason. We risk deeply wounding the other person, and sometimes the damage is irreversible. “Betray myself to renew your smile.” This was utterly heart wrenching and so gorgeously set down, too!

  6. Those invisible lines are so easy to cross and the crossing of them is so difficult to take back, especially when it’s a betrayal of ourselves. Loved this, Kelly! Great write.

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