“That new?” Terri nodded at the date inked onto Jenner’s arm.

“Emancipation day.”

“Divorce finalized?”

He spat. “Yup.”

Terry felt faint stirrings of hope. Since high school, she’d pined after Jenner. “I wish you’d settle down. Carnival life…”

“Is perfect for me.”

“I see you once a year.”

“I’ll come for Christmas.”

Terry sighed. Ten-year-olds in manure-caked boots and faded denims cowboyed across the fairgrounds, blue ribbons angled across puffed-out chests as they elbowed their way into food lines: Deep fried pickles. Cheese on a stick. Cotton candy and…

“How’d your pie do?”

“Judging is tomorrow.” A group of girls in shorts of questionable length strode past, waving their fannies like American flags. “I won’t win.”

“Don’t say that.”

“Nellie Johanson’s won everything this year, same as last.”

“Preacher’s daughter?”

“She buys jelly and repackages it in her own jars. She bought an Amish quilt and put her initials on it.”

“I can fix Nellie.”

“Woman ain’t broke.”

“She will be.”

“How you propose to do that?”

“Carolina Reaper Slingblade.”

“Hot sauce?”

“Just a touch.”Jenner made a pouring motion. “Let’s manipulate Nellie’s recipe a bit.”

“We can’t do that!”

“When everyone’s dreaming of ribbons, we’ll dose that pie up good.”

“You need your own sleep.”

“I sleep on my feet ten hours a day. Taking tickets, buckling kids into seats, pushing a green button. I could do with a bit of interest in my life.”

Of course, they got more interest than they bargained for. Fairground officials were interested. Police too.

Nellie ran to the IGA and bought a new pie which, naturally, won first prize.

Jenner was fired.

Terry was permanently banned from the fair.

Was it worth it, the newspaper reporter asked, skepticism scattered across her face.

Terry took Jenner’s hand. “We exposed Nellie for the liar she was.”

Jenner gave a secret smile, knowing that his wife didn’t give a diddle about exposing Nellie. “Naw. It was worth it because it brought us together.”

“Finally,” Terry said.




This was written for this week’s Trifecta Writing Challenge. The word was manipulate











15 thoughts on “Manipulated

  1. I’ll take a second slice of your writing any day, Kelly! This has blue ribbon written all over it! And “waving their fannies like American flags?” Priceless!

  2. Hahah, that had me wandering around the county fair, near the 4H pens (cause that’s where they did the contests and such, dontcha know), checking out the blue ribbons. I wonder how they knew there was hot sauce in the pie. ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehehehe… oh I can enjoy the taste of this one for a long time to come.

    Thanks again Kelly, for a great write!

  3. I adore ‘cowboy’ as a verb!! (And female tushes as American flags, for that matter!)
    Fantastic story, Kelly. Also, thanks for tipping me off. I avoid hot sauce like the plague, so although I might have guessed, naming it kept me reading.
    It might just be me, but ‘wife’ bumped me off course a bit.

    • Yes, Kymm – That was an awfully fast courtship and an ever faster marriage. It is jarring. I considered having them just holding hands at the end, but I decided to get them hitched. Real fast-like!

  4. I love a good love story!
    The dialogue was wonderful and the resulting end of Neille’s cheating ways, classic! But I love a good ending and this was just so lovely! I was left smiling.
    Great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. really liked this story – the banter, the quick pace… really great. though I would love to know just how a bit of hot sauce could cause such a hubbub at the fair – police? really? must have been one hell of a spicy pie!

  6. This story had me as tickled as a pig in slop. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I loved the details. Reminded me of the Iowa State Fair I used to attend every year (especially the shorts of questionable length. Lol!) Fantastic, real dialogue. Well done!

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