Trappings Vivisect

Thirty-three words to win a laugh.
Perhaps a smile will do.
Will they buckle beneath a chuckle?
Utter a giggle or two?
Articulate painstakingly.
Trappings vivisect.
Utmost here—beseeching, dear—
Be certain you’re correct.
This piece, written in response to the Trifecta Writing Challenge, was written for Draug and as a lecture to myself: I recently incorrectly questioned Draug’s usage of a word.

This weekend we’re asking you to write 33 words that will make us laugh or smile.  Even a chuckle will do.  We look forward to the communal spirit lifting.  Good luck!

14 thoughts on “Trappings Vivisect

  1. *flails* You don’t have to apologize!!! Seriously, I welcome criticism. If you think I’m doing something wrong, you have every right to smack me over the head and tell me so! And you made a valid point with your comment anyway!!

    Um…that rant aside, I love this piece <3 It's so much fun and begs to be read aloud.

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